Terms and Conditions

The following definitions apply to the general terms and conditions:

Any natural or legal person with whom IB Ace Academy has agreed.

Every natural person who studies a course through an agreement with IB Ace Academy is referred to as a pupil. The contractor and the student can, but do not have to, be the same individual.

The venue where the course is taught is referred to as the class site.

IB Ace Academy (currently known as IB.Academy) is a non-profit organization founded by the IB Ace Academy Foundation, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number.


All actions, services, offers, and agreements about IB Ace Academy’s courses are governed by these general terms and conditions. Any modifications must be done in writing and must have IB Ace Academy’s written consent.

In writing, electronic communication via e-mail is also included.

By registering, both the contractor and the student agree to the IB Ace Academy’s general terms and conditions. The contractor is responsible for making the general conditions clear to the student and the student’s compliance with the prevailing requirements.

All IB Ace Academy’s offers and quotations have a specific period of validity indicated in the request or quote. General written sources are valid until new citations are released, as stated on the organization’s website.

The terms and conditions will review whether the contract with the contractor and the general conditions do not provide. In this case, IB Ace Academy has the last say.

IB Ace Academy will transmit a copy of the applicable general terms and conditions via mail or post at the request of the contracting party or learner.


When the contractor registers the pupil using the proper form on the IB Ace Academy website, and IB Ace Academy accepts the registration in writing with confirmation to the contractor, the agreement is considered legal.


For the activities and services to be completed, the contractor must give IB Ace Academy the required information about themselves and the pupil(s). This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, providing accurate contact and payment information. Any modifications will be reported to IB Ace Academy in writing as soon as possible.

The contractor advises the pupil(s) of the applicable general terms and conditions and IB Ace Academy’s (extra) norms of conduct. Both the contractor and the student are made aware of the norms of behavior, which are also made available online. At any time, IB Ace Academy maintains the right to amend the rules of conduct.

When registering a student, the contractor will tell IB Ace Academy of any pertinent health information (dietary restrictions, medication use, etc.). In the event of an accident, IB Ace Academy will call the contractor right away.

With a student’s enrolment, the contractor grants authority for students to leave the course venue without monitoring outside of class hours. IB Ace Academy is not accountable for any damage that occurs outside of class time and outside of the class location because the student is responsible.


The student must follow all reasonable instructions from (the personnel of) IB Ace Academy. The student is expected to work constructively, and the student is accountable for accurately informing (IB Ace Academy staff) about current school outcomes and issues.

The student is expected to treat people with respect, including IB Ace Academy officials and teachers, staff at the housing location, and other students.

In this instance, IB Ace Academy will contact the contractor directly to schedule the student’s departure or return journey. The contractor is not entitled to a refund of the money they have already received.

All lessons of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled are subject to attendance requirements. Pupils are also expected to do the job that has been allocated to them.


IB Ace Academy owes a duty of effort to its students and contractors, but it does not owe a duty of results. IB Ace Academy makes no guarantees about academic performance, course achievement, or student success. IB Ace Academy disclaims any responsibility for a student’s poor performance or failures.

If a teacher becomes ill unexpectedly and no replacement can be found, IB Ace Academy reserves the right to cancel the course for which the student has registered. In this situation, the contractor will be reimbursed for the entire course charge. IB Ace Academy is not responsible for any additional fees spent by the contractor or student due to the cancellation.

If no more than two students are enrolled in the relevant course, IB Ace Academy reserves the right to terminate the student’s period. This will be communicated to the contractor and student at least fourteen days before the scheduled start of the system. In that instance, IB Ace Academy will refund the contractor the full course money. IB Ace Academy is not responsible for any additional fees spent by the contractor or student due to the cancellation.

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