Return & Refund Policy

If you are working directly with TeacherOn employees, this refund policy applies. Would you please read the terms and conditions of working with students or teachers listed on the website?

Purchase of Coins

Purchased coins are not refundable.

Money was taken outside of your account, but you didn’t receive any coins?

If the money was diminished, but you did not receive coins, your bank will automatically return you within 14 days – in most situations, it will be much faster. If we accept the funds (which usually takes less than a day), we will credit coins to your account and give you a confirmation email.

When a teacher communicates with a pupil

We reimburse coins if a teacher contacts a student whose phone number isn’t confirmed and the student doesn’t view the message within 15 days. We also issue refunds if teachers automatically spend coins on fake/spam/scam jobs.

When students make contact with their teachers

Free or paid coins used to contact a tutor are not reimbursed if you cannot get the tutor for any reason.

Outside of, students can pay tutors.

We have no control over any payments made outside of our website. You are still welcome to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you, but we cannot confirm that we will be able to obtain a refund. Would you please review the return policy when paying through

Payments to tutors by students via

When you pay tutors through, you get the following benefits:

Select “Release payment after work is completed” from the drop-down menu.

You can dispute the payment if there is an issue if you opted to release money later.

We are unable to obtain a refund once you have released the payment.

If you want to pay right away, you’re confirming that the services have been delivered and that you’re happy with the service you’ve received.

If you choose to release payment immediately upon making a payment, we will be unable to obtain a refund for you in the event of a dispute.

If a student and tutor cannot reach a mutual agreement in the event of a disagreement, whatever decision we make will be final.

We charge a 15% fee, which is deducted from the tutor’s account.

The set portion of this 15% is 5% and is non-refundable.

The remaining 10% of this cost is variable, meaning that we will include the 10% fee as part of the refund if you receive a partial refund.

If you receive a full refund from the tutor, we retain the 5% fixed charge and reimburse the remaining 95%.

If you are registered in Group Learning, your first tutoring session will be charged in advance. This is a non-refundable cost.

Your second tutoring session will be charged; this booking cost must be paid at least 48 hours before the second booked session. This is a non-refundable cost.

All subsequent booked tutoring sessions will be charged; this upfront booking cost must be paid at least 48 hours before the session’s scheduled date.

There are no refunds if you miss a session or are unable to attend an upcoming session. You can still listen to recordings of online tutoring sessions if you miss one.

You may cancel a booked tutoring session free of charge up to seven days before the scheduled session (noting that where you have elected to pay via a pre-paid bundle, no refund is available).

IB Ace Academy will only evaluate refund requests outside of the above requirements in rare situations and on a case-by-case basis.

When a session fails to deliver, the session is canceled.

The tutoring sessions provided by IB Ace Academy are guaranteed under Australian Consumer Law to be: Provided with acceptable care and skill or technical information, and taking all necessary efforts to avoid loss and damage;

Fit for the purpose or perform the services you and IB Ace Academy agreed to and Delivered within an acceptable time limit of the planned session time/s.

If one or more of the assurances are breached, IB Ace Academy is legally obligated to issue a complete refund if requested. A major failure occurs when a service: Has a problem that would have prevented you from obtaining it if they had known about it, or Is substantially unfit for its intended purpose and cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, or Does not meet the specific purpose for which it was intended and cannot be set in a reasonable amount of time.

If the failure is not a major one, it is still a failure on IB Ace Academy’s part; IB Ace Academy must correct it. This could include rescheduling a tutoring session or a portion of a tutoring session, but is not limited to that.

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