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What are how our Tutors assist students?

IB TOK Tutors advise students to begin the TOK essay by breaking down and analyzing the statement or question itself, making careful to specify how they comprehend the essential terminology in the essay introduction. In concrete, real-world case studies and examples, our IB Maths Tutors assist students in understanding abstract notions and theoretical concerns. The ability to appropriately convey your ideas and inquiries is crucial to TOK. It should relate to other academic fields or real-world issues in some way. It’s thrilling to encourage students to use a variety of case studies to support their essay points.

Additionally, it is critical that students strategically consider primary and secondary sources, allowing this to inform the development of their work. Students are emboldened to think beyond the box by our IB TOK Tutors. When they conduct research, they look for sources that demonstrate how thoroughly they have considered their questions from various perspectives. Our IB TOK Tutors teach students to cite all of their heads to ensure the validity and value of their work and demonstrate that they are aware of how they acquire knowledge. Our IB Online Tutors offer memory as a fifth mode of knowing in the TOK essay, placing their debate in History and Theatre Arts. Our IB Tutor’s curiosity in how they know motivates them to tutor TOK children.

TOK Essay and TOK Presentation are two types of TOK assignments.

Students should conduct in-depth and intricate research but then try to express it succinctly via visuals, three-dimensional models, or live enactments. Our IB TOK Tutors assist students in determining their research subject, developing arguments and case studies, and planning the presentation. Our instructors are urged to use the presentation as an opportunity to convey the essential parts of their research in chronological order, to elicit more questions and discussion. The presentation is about how the students prepare to present and talk in front of a group, as it is about how they prepare to answer questions. They questioned the necessity of interviews regarding the modes of knowing they draw on for my TOK presentation. There are a few crucial aspects to remember for your IB TOK presentation.

Suggestions for selecting AOK

Do not constrain yourself or choose AOK, which you can easily slip into with ease; instead, learn about remaining through examples from your IB TOK Tutors. You never know what anticipates you in the future. It’s all about expanding your wings and soaring without a bracket when you’re writing TOK. Break free from the constraints of conventionality and conservatism imposed by established patterns. While writing a TOK, strive to incorporate your perspective on a subject; accept, dispute, or reject your viewpoint(s) about others with reasoned reasons. This is what knowledge enrichment is all about. It’s ok if you experience through the eyes of emotion, intuition, or imagination and express a point of view; don’t be afraid to do so, but be careful when justifying; overriding accepted ideas and dogmas that have stood the test of time is not a good idea.

What is the best strategy?

Don’t slay truths; take a skeptical stance. These are serious errors that are commonly mentioned in discussions about the arts and ethics.

Although it is accurate to say that content alters and fluctuates depending on the topic chosen, the points mentioned above of view are abstract. The discussion of each TOK varies depending on the subject, and AOK chose, making it highly subjective. TOK is thus improved through critical debate with IB TOK Tutors who have the necessary competence, “Open and lively Discussion is vital.” A language is a powerful tool for communication.

It may appear insignificant, but it becomes apparent while writing an essay full of ideas and eager to express precisely what is on one’s mind. So, after you’ve finished writing an essay, get it read by a tutor. Inquire about the tutor’s thoughts on the cognitive process and see if you agree. An article is more than 1500 words; it captures the reader’s awareness of the TOK issue.

Don’t be swayed by other people’s styles.

Read good TOK that has been published on the internet, but remember that writing style is a personal ability, so don’t strive to mimic others. In addition, the linguistic pattern and style differ depending on the AOK selected. The vocabulary used in mathematics and natural science is technical and exact; whereas, the language used in ethics, history, and the arts is colorful. Excessive and incorrect use of adjectives is a prevalent mistake in most TOK.

IB TOK Tutors also advise that the language be kept consistent; this engages the reader and audience and aids in the smooth transfer of ideas. Non-aligned statements or instances should not be used in an essay since they break the flow and loosen the reader’s grip. 

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