It consists of a 1600-word essay and an oral presentation. It encourages students to think critically and apply what they’ve learned in class to real-life circumstances. It also has a significant part in the I.B. It allows pupils to learn about the nature of knowledge. Tok isn’t just another essay; it encourages students to think thoroughly about what they’ve learned. What’s more, how do they know?

As a result, we assist students in selecting appropriate questions, properly explaining all elements, and providing all essential solutions. Aside from that, you may talk and obtain guidance from subject matter specialists through our online tuition. Learn all of the vital details that will help you write a superb TOK essay.

When IB TOK Tutors compare TOK to other academic subjects, they find that it takes some time for pupils to understand that TOK encourages them to think critically. Instead of memorizing facts and figures, ask, “How do they know what they know.”

Students must choose a scenario that occurs in real life.

You should create a logical knowledge question, but it should not be too difficult; students must use standard TOK terminology in their presentation work; you should avoid discussing your real-life situations excessively; you should avoid using too much RLS; and you should avoid reading text from your flashcards, as this may lead I.B. Examiners to believe you are unfamiliar with it.

The Approach of an IB TOK Tutor

Tutors for IB TOK are confident in their ability to assist their students. They help kids via Skype and Google Docs. They can assist with color-coded revisions, citation additions, and pointers for additional research and analysis. Our IB TOK Tutors can help with coursework research, formulation, structure, and polishing. Their schedule is highly adaptable. It implies that IB TOK Tutors will be able to contact the student and offer continuous correspondence assistance.

Help with IB TOK Moderation

At a low cost, have your IB TOK essay moderated by one of our qualified I.B. Tutors. Share your TOK essay with us, and we’ll have I.B. tutors from renowned I.B. schools negotiate it. They will assist you with comments/suggestions as well as desired grades. You can assess the quality of your work before submitting it.

A few pointers on how to earn the best marks in TOK

If you want to write a decent TOK and get a good score, remember to focus on two golden aspects. 1. Content Quality 2. The Language Beauty course consists of approximately 100 teaching hours in which IB TOK Tutors choose and recommend techniques to introduce a student to the concept of Knowledge, Ways of Knowing (WOK) and notify them that it exists (Area of knowledge, AOK). Learn them thoroughly because a student writing a TOK is expected to grasp and correctly answer the following questions.

a. What is the definition of knowledge?

b. How can the quality of knowledge be determined and questioned?

c. What is the justification for knowledge?

d. What are the different methods of justification?

e. Is knowledge related to truth and belief?

Understanding and answering the questions above correctly would result in good TOK material. Under the aegis of AOK and WOK, TOK is about floating ideas, points of view, and concepts. Try to taste each AOK to see how the above questions remain the same, but the answers change depending on the AOK. If you can locate this, you may rest assured that your TOK material will be excellent.

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(Extended Essays) Tutoring

It is a 4000-word piece of independent research. The students have engaged in personal exploration to create an argument on a topic that they are passionate about. Clarity of thinking is required for excellent language presentation, so plan before beginning the essay’s final form. And I hope you’ll take the advice of the IB TOK Tutors and do well on TOK. We can help you construct an argument that can examine, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge by guiding or assisting you—furthermore, our one-on-one online coaching aids in the comprehension of the E.E. concept. We provide study suggestions, resources, and tactics to help you in creating a successful essay.

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