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Students are assessed in the IB Diploma Program through a combination of coursework and external tests. There are no external assessments before this period because the Diploma Program is not a modular course. Each of the six subjects is assessed on a scale of 1 to 7, therefore a student can earn a total of 42 IB points from the six courses studied. The Diploma Program contains all of the benefits of a standard pre-university curriculum, plus key additions known as the Core Components. These features set the IBDP apart from other educational programs.

The Essay and Presentation components of the Theory of Knowledge course are assessed separately. The Presentation can be done individually or in groups, and it is videoed and evaluated internally by a panel of three TOK experts, including the IBDP Coordinator and the TOK Coordinator. The TOK Essay is done during the course and graded by IBO examiners on an external basis. University admissions tutors and academic staff throughout the world realize the benefits of recruiting IB graduates for their universities and colleges in a climate of increased competition among institutions of higher education and taking account of increasing student mobility.

The Extended Essay is a 4000-word research paper that culminates in an independent research project. IBO examiners review all long essays from the outside. The TOK can be worth up to 3 IB points, depending on the aggregate grades in each subject. The Diploma Programme depends on achievement in the key aspects of the IBDP. The assurance that state and national requirements are being met and exceeded via effective teaching and learning; IB standards and grading processes are universal, which means that the criteria for getting each grade are the same for all IB World Schools. IB Diploma Program students bring a wide range of experiences and perspectives to their institution or college.

Role of teachers

1-The curriculum’s academic strength

The IB Diploma Program’s philosophy revolves around the Theory of Knowledge. It allows students to critically reflect on various forms of knowledge as well as evaluate the function of knowledge in their own and other cultures. Our tutors are confident in their students’ ability to prepare coursework in a cohesive and broad-based curriculum that covers the fundamental academic topics. Students in the IB Diploma Program must maintain a high level of focus and performance.

2-Validation from the outer world

Through its examination standards, the IB Diploma Programme certifies both success and academic integrity in students’ performance. The ace Academy’s IB Diploma Program emphasizes academic, personal, emotional, and social growth across all disciplines of knowledge to educate the full person. By emphasizing a dynamic mix of knowledge, skills, autonomous critical and creative thinking, and global awareness. The IB’s premise of teach the full person to prepare them for a life of active and responsible citizenship.

3-Skills in research and writing

The extended essay requirement—an independent, self-directed piece of research culminating in a 4,000-word paper—prepares students for the kind of undergraduate research required for higher education. It might be viewed as a road plan for a lifelong quest for international awareness. It puts the student at the center of IB programs and concentrates attention on the learning processes and outcomes.

4-It also provides students with the option to conduct in-depth research on a topic of their choice within a given curriculum. The study method, personal involvement in the topic’s exploration, and the creation and communication of ideas are all highlighted. Tutors value this assignment because it prepares students for the type of undergraduate study that is required in higher education. Students will be aided by their supervisor throughout the research and writing process.

5-Acceptance of academic difficulties

Students who enroll in the IB Diploma Program demonstrate that they are willing to accept, rather than avoid, difficult academic difficulties. To establish a highly conducive environment for teaching and learning, we provide exceptional quality assistance for our students on both a structural and individual level.

6-Skills in critical thinking

Students will develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of learning through the compulsory theory of knowledge course. The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course meets twice a week and is taught by a department of six energetic teachers from various disciplines.

7-Participation in extracurricular activities

Students must spend a minimum of 150 hours outside of the classroom during their last two years to fulfill the creativity, action, and service requirement.TOK teachers, in addition to teaching the course, play an important role in assisting IBDP students with all of the issues that emerge with the IBDP’s core aspects.

8-Responsibility and maturity

The IB Diploma Program helps students learn time management, goal setting, and other organizing skills. Our professors are enthusiastic about educating our pupils on how to learn and develop into self-assured, autonomous, risk-takers, and open-minded individuals. We are proud of how well-organized our IB Diploma Program is and how high-quality the learning environment is as a result.

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