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The IB diploma program is an academically challenging program of education that has been designed to make the students prepared for success at the university. The IB diploma is a universal program that holds international value. It is pioneered for glory. Many IB institutes all over the country offer excellent courses and programs in various subjects. However, the IB History program at Ace Academy at Chennai is the recipient of numerous accolades all across the globe. It is known for the record-breaking and phenomenal success of the students studying over there. The tutors at the IB encourage the students to develop an intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the attitude that is necessary to respect and evaluate the wide bandwidth of various viewpoints.

The students in the DP develop skills from five categories such as research, social, self-management, communication, and thinking.

The DP history course is a world history course and involves the study of a variety of types of history. It is important to develop and work on historical skills as well as gain factual knowledge. The expert faculty at Chennai IB help the students develop the skills of critical thinking and the understanding of multiple interpretations of history. The course demands a challenging and demanding exploration from the students. 

Getting a perfect score of 7 is not an easy task but the teachers teach thinking and research skills. The IB History tutors enable students to develop an understanding of the subject. The students must be ready to widen their perspectives, engage with the complex nature of the historical concepts, issues, events, and developments.

The study of world history cannot be counted in a nutshell. There are many branches and loopholes in world history. International mindedness is promoted through the study of history.


In these following sections we will explore the paper wise breakdown of the subject with two different levels of HL and SL. The IB History Tutors in Chennai by the IB Ace Academy will teach you paper wise strategies for the same

Paper Number HL SL
Paper 1 Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects Time limit = 1 hour Weightage = 20% Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects Time limit = 1 hour Weightage = 30%
Paper 2 Short answer and extended response questions (Core and AHL) Time Limit = 1 hour 30 minutes Weightage = 25% Essay paper based on the 12 world history topics Time Limit = 1 hour 30 mins Weightage = 45%
Paper 3 Essay paper based on one of the four regional options. Time Limit = 2 hour 30 minutes Weightage = 35%       NA


The IB History Ace Academy experts are very informed about the syllabus and are updated about time to time changing about the syllabus. The IB History Tutors at the Ace Academy will help you plan your course throughout the two years very easily.

The core syllabus and the higher level syllabus :-

Components Teaching Hours
Prescribed subjects One of the following, using two case studies, each taken from a different region of the world: 1. Military leaders 2. Conquest and its impact 3. The move to global war 4. Rights and protest 5. Conflict and intervention       40
World history topics Two of the following, using topic examples from more than one region of the world: 1. Society and economy (750–1400) 2. Causes and effects of wars (750–1500) 3. Dynasties and rulers (750–1500) 4. Societies in transition (1400–1700) 5. Early Modern states (1450–1789) 6. Causes and effects of Early Modern wars (1500–1750) 7. Origins, development and impact of industrialization (1750–2005) 8. Independence movements (1800–2000) 9. Emergence and development of democratic states (1848–2000) 10. Authoritarian states (20th century) 11. Causes and effects of 20th-century wars 12. The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries (20th century)         90
HL options: Depth studies One of the following: 1. History of Africa and the Middle East 2. History of the Americas 3. History of Asia and Oceania 4. History of Europe     90

The IB faculty ask the students to work on the following guidelines

  1. Reading many history books such as encyclopedias

An encyclopedia is a reference book or a compendium providing summaries of knowledge that comprehensively treats a particular branch of knowledge. The IB History tutors ask the students to read encyclopedias based on world history to make them interested in the subject first. The Students also get hooked on the subject well as the facts and illustrations portrayed in the encyclopedias are very enticing and the students become inquisitive about the subject. The very premise of asking the students to read encyclopedias is making them interested in the subject.

There is a huge volume of vocabulary, various countries, and their flags, the civilizations, etc.

  • Looking at the concepts through the papers

We have all taken tests, given examinations right from our childhood up until we reached college. We are quite familiar with the system. The papers of any subject are being set by the IB Board of examination. They follow certain criteria while setting a paper. They make unique tailor-made questions every year that are not repeated. The structure and the degree of toughness of the questions give the students an idea about what comes in the paper during the examination.

The IB History tutors formulate various techniques for the students and help the students tackle every problem. It takes only two tuition sessions per week for them to cover all the topics. 

After finishing each topic they conduct a separate question and answer round for doubt clarification. This way, the doubts of the students get resolved then and there.

  • Important concepts on the fingertips

The IB History tutors tailor-make their lessons according to the key topics. There are e-books and various audio and video recordings that help one brush the basic concepts again. The best part of this system is that the IB tutors have assimilated all the data into a single database.

Sometimes the students get too reliant and only focus on one source of study material. One should make use of every resource that is available.

  • The textbook is the blueprint

We all have different levels of understanding and grasping things. We all have our strong suits and we all know certain areas where we lag.

The students need to prepare a regimented timetable before the commencement of the exams. It will benefit them greatly. The students need to focus more on the topics they find difficult. They should jot down all the important key points and highlight all the definitions and the basic concepts of history.

The IB tutors take assessments after teaching an entire topic to the students. The students are subjected to tests after they are done studying the topic. The progress of every student is monitored properly. 

This progress report is kept till the end of the training as a record. 

Getting a 7 is not very easy but under the valuable guidance of our expert faculty, no mountain is too difficult for the expedition.

You can unleash your highest potential at IB History Ace Academy in Chennai!

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