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History is a broad subject that is taught at both the advanced and standard levels in the IB Diploma Programme. The IB History course is further divided into physical and human history components to guarantee that students understand physical and human history components by learning from the earth’s core to the sky, as well as socio-economic techniques.

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Background Information for the History Course in the International Baccalaureate

  • The IB History Tutors claim that no prior knowledge is required. In specific courses studied for national and international credentials, there is no expectation or demand of specialist background knowledge.
  • As an Environmental Impact Assessor, it is vital that each infrastructure project be examined by an expert and acquire environmental clearance before proceeding;
  • Geographers are responsible for establishing catastrophe mitigation plans, which demands the use of highly qualified geographers.


In these following sections we will explore the paper wise breakdown of the subject with two different levels of HL and SL. The IB History Tutors in Ahmedabad by the IB Ace Academy will teach you paper wise strategies for the same

Paper NumberHLSL
Paper 1Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects Time limit = 1 hour Weightage = 20%Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects Time limit = 1 hour Weightage = 30%
Paper 2Short answer and extended response questions (Core and AHL) Time Limit = 1 hour 30 minutes Weightage = 25%Essay paper based on the 12 world history topics Time Limit = 1 hour 30 mins Weightage = 45%
Paper 3Essay paper based on one of the four regional options. Time Limit = 2 hour 30 minutes Weightage = 35%      NA


The IB History Ace Academy experts are very informed about the syllabus and are updated about time to time changing about the syllabus. The IB History Tutors at the Ace Academy will help you plan your course throughout the two years very easily.

The core syllabus and the higher level syllabus :-

ComponentsTeaching Hours
Prescribed subjects One of the following, using two case studies, each taken from a different region of the world: 1. Military leaders 2. Conquest and its impact 3. The move to global war 4. Rights and protest 5. Conflict and intervention      40
World history topics Two of the following, using topic examples from more than one region of the world: 1. Society and economy (750–1400) 2. Causes and effects of wars (750–1500) 3. Dynasties and rulers (750–1500) 4. Societies in transition (1400–1700) 5. Early Modern states (1450–1789) 6. Causes and effects of Early Modern wars (1500–1750) 7. Origins, development and impact of industrialization (1750–2005) 8. Independence movements (1800–2000) 9. Emergence and development of democratic states (1848–2000) 10. Authoritarian states (20th century) 11. Causes and effects of 20th-century wars 12. The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries (20th century)        90
HL options: Depth studies One of the following: 1. History of Africa and the Middle East 2. History of the Americas 3. History of Asia and Oceania 4. History of Europe    90

How are IB History Tutors in Ace Academy help?

Sustainability, poverty, and climate change are all major concerns in today’s globe, and history gives a plethora of information on these themes in a variety of ways. As a result of recent occurrences, global awareness of climate change has increased. As a result, future geographers will have a wide range of options for understanding the problem and developing solutions.

  • This History course, according to IB Diploma Tutors, is an outstanding method for including varied examples and case studies to satisfy the needs of all students, regardless of where they are in history.
  • With a diploma in history, you can pursue a master’s degree in history, which is the study of land contouring and mapping, which aids in determining where minerals are discovered and what kind of minerals are found in a certain site or area.
  • Another advantage of increased reliance on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and tidal energy is that geographers can reassess the world’s future energy demands as they grow.

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History is a human science in which academic study is combined with the acquisition of practical and investigative abilities. This course is the foundation for a variety of advanced level topics, so it is critical for all students to take it. When you go to university, it is a requirement for many courses. As a result, learning from the greatest History Tutors at the IB Ace Academy is quite crucial.

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IB History Tutors’ Course Content

IB History Tutors will examine two areas in general, which are further divided as follows:


  • The science of how landforms evolve over time is known as geomorphology.
  • Hydrology is the science of water.
  • Oceanography is the study of the seas.
  • Climate change is a serious issue.
  • Biographical Information
  • The Environment’s History
  • Humans have been found in several locations throughout history.
  • Historical and cultural context
  • Economics in the past
  • The evolution of history
  • Historical background and population
  • Cities and towns have a long and illustrious history.


Getting a 7 in IB history is a difficult task, and the ongoing considerations take a toll on the student. Our tutors at the Ib Ace Academy can help you break down this desire and accomplish the goal of a 7 by using systematic methods.

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