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Many students thought they were doing well and had no trouble understanding GCSE or IGCSE assignments. However, when September arrives, the new academic year begins, as does the I.B. or A-level program. Many students can grasp the course topics quickly. They acknowledge the challenges of learning so much new vocabulary and grammar, but they appreciate the course material in general. On the other hand, others feel that the I.B. or A-level German course is not what they anticipated. They believe that the Sixth Form German course requirements differ significantly from those of their GCSE/IGCSE German course and that they will be unable to cope with the vast amount of new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to be learned. Students who formerly enjoyed their German classes are now struggling and losing interest. As a tutor with considerable experience teaching and tutoring the I.B. and A-level courses, we can safely presume that it does not have to be this way. IB German tutors in Gurgaon may inform you that if you take the German IB or A-level course, you will thrive in this subject if you follow a few simple steps:

Think about the future.

The I.B. and A-level courses should be started as soon as possible. A few weeks before the first day of school, review some critical GCSE and IGCSE vocabulary and grammar. You will be considerably more confident while dealing with new subjects if you complete some grammar homework before starting the new school year. You won’t have to consume as much time revising important grammar themes alongside new and much more complex pieces at the start of the new school year if you can review them before starting the new school year.

Make a schedule for yourself.

Make it a point to read and listen to as much German as possible. Make it a daily habit to read the German news. Even if it’s simply for some minutes a day, the time you spend in contact with the German language will add up, and small advances here and there will add up to a significant amount of progress. You can read a selection of newspapers for free online. There are several alternatives to choose from. www.faz.net, www.diesueddeustche.de, and www.diewelt.de are examples of daily newspapers that cover a wide range of issues. Find a topic that fascinates you and start learning new words. You can also read a whole story in a week by subscribing to a weekly German magazine. Reading journals like www.derspiegel.de or www.neon.de regularly is a great idea. There are many more, but these are primarily concerned with political and youth issues. It would help familiarize yourself with the various German dialects by listening to German podcasts or watching German news. Daily news is presented on many news stations such as www.ard.de, www.zdf.de, www.dw.de, and others. On websites like “Die Deutsche Welle,” you can listen to news that is spoken slowly, which is excellent for strengthening your listening skills.

Make touch with people who are fluent in German.

You may find a tandem partner, which is a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary. Tandem functions in the following way: While you speak in your tongue, your tandem partner will interact with you in German. You may both benefit from each other’s language ability in this way, and it’s also a great way to meet new people. Tandem partners can often be found through your school. Seek assistance from your teacher in finding a language partner.

Make an effort to communicate in German with your peers.

Many schools provide an after-school language club where you can meet other German students and speak German with them. Learning more about German culture can be accomplished through watching German films, debating current German politics while watching the news together, or cooking German food. In addition to your regular German classes, your institution may have a German language consultant who will assist you in class or offer quick German lectures.

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