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Students pursuing a Diploma Program are required to complete one Extended Essay on a topic of their choosing as part of their program requirements. Approximately 4000 words should be allocated to the extended essay, which is a self-guided research assignment. A student may choose a topic of personal interest from among the six diploma subjects or select a matter related to one of the diploma courses.

A student is assigned a grade or a band that runs from exceptional to mediocre to elementary in the level of achievement. The student is required to communicate their analysis and findings to their supervisor during three mandatory reflection sessions. However, after it has been submitted, the extended essay is examined by an examiner who the Institute of Business has appointed.

Tutors in the subject of mathematics

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to write a decent E.E. Essay on a Topic of Interest using our Interactive Blackboard. Most essays have a similar structure in terms of their essentials. As an 18-year-old math tutor, I’ll offer an example of a mathematics essay to illustrate my point.

Please select a topic that is both concise and focused in its presentation. About this matter, objectivity should be heard loud and clearly. Avoid using overly broad or general language in your communication. Decide on a topic that you are most familiar with or that you are interested in learning about. To ensure a successful outcome, a supervisor should know the mathematics that goes into producing it.

Mathematics must be included in the topic, which can be in engineering, physics, social science, or statistics. The extended essay should go into greater detail on the subject and reach the conclusion that has been presented. What is desired are high-quality, quantifiable outcomes in the workplace.

Tutors’ Opinions on the I.B. Extended Essay

Student time, patience, and consistency are required for a lengthy essay to be effectively developed and written appropriately. Because of this, a student must have a solid understanding of the subject and begin reading and writing articles as soon as possible. Laziness and a late start will not get you far in life. Suggestions for I.B. Extended Essay Topics from Tutors Now, I’d want to discuss some specific topics on which you could base your extended essay, or even your internal assessment, in more detail.

Social network analysis is a term used to describe the study of relationships. There are several characteristics to the association, and social network analysis analyzes how it connects to social life. As a result, you’d run into complications such as

1. Community detection/overlapping communities, and so forth.

2. Ego nodes, centrality, and identifying a key player in a network are discussed.

In this case study, three of the most significant elements to evaluate are outliers, marketing, and referral/recommendation.

The website contains many exciting topics in Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics, among other subjects. It is also possible to incorporate problems from the International Mathematical Olympiad into your selected theme. On the website, you may also find the solutions to your problems. You must, however, think about and come up with an individual response. Any original problem can be investigated, but it must be based on a solid mathematical foundation to be considered.

The Organization of the Extended Essay

The essay is broken into six sections or elements, which are as follows:

The title of the page

Included are the title, study topic, and word count for the paper. When the word count surpasses the predetermined limit, it is deemed hazardous to the reader.

Page with content

The content page contains information about the organization of the essay’s parts and subsections and the page numbers.

A quick overview of the subject

Within the environment part, an overview of the study issue is presented, and the methodologies used to arrive at a focused conclusion.

The central part of the essay

To adequately describe the notion, it was suggested that this component be divided into sections and subsections. The following section contains a complete study, replete with arguments, analysis, calculations, and evaluation. Graphs, pictures, and tables are included in the main body of the essay. It is also necessary to provide a complete description of the outcome and conclusion in this part.

Finally, some final ideas

Following a brief review of how you got started, the conclusion section should include a summary of the most noteworthy findings. It has to be a sweet juice that has been taken from the pulp.


It is recommended that you prepare in phases. There are several stages to this process, including creating drafts one, two, and three, and so on. Please write down your thoughts, whether on paper or a computer and don’t leave anything out in the open that won’t be fulfilled. The quality of your writing measures your ability to write E.E. The title should be concise and clear, and it should offer the reader information about what the material is about. The title does not have to be in the form of a question, but it should clearly explain the essay’s goal.

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