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Only when the substance of E.E. is unique and unpredictable is it meaningful. This implies that you must think deeply about a subject and have something unique to say about it. The E.E. can’t possibly be a bookworm. If you want to be unique, you must conduct a comprehensive investigation of the subject. As a result, gather study materials on the subject. How do you go about doing it? The answer is to look up keywords relating to your topic. There would be a lot of content on the Internet. Only research articles from useful journals are available for download. Listen to video lectures on the subject of E.E.

GOOGLE SCHOLAR and PLOS (Public Library of Science) are both excellent sources of information. Good knowledge of the topic is gained by watching the video lectures, which include an example. Listening to standards tickles the brain, causing it to generate new ideas. This would add to the work’s originality. If none of these methods work, go to a university or a reputable institution near you and speak with professors; they will greatly assist you.

Presentations Concept

To explain concepts, always use an example. Models demonstrate the author’s ability to comprehend, but they must be relevant. Fill the Essay with simple phrases; the moderators and evaluators are wiser than you. The use of a table to present data is required. Wherever possible, illustrations should be purposely and unavoidably incorporated. Quotes from notable scientists and individuals can be used; they greatly enhance the presentation of E.E.

Part of the conclusion

The last but most important section is the conclusion. It should summarize what has been accomplished and then give concise, bright thoughts on the findings. The rating of E.E. suffers significantly if the author writes a weak conclusion. Understand that the author’s writing talent is required for the decision and that simply stuffing words will not be enough.


Remember to list the sources or context from which the reading content was derived or adopted. You will frequently be unable to recall where you studied, posing a dilemma when presenting a bibliography. During the viva voice, references are also necessary. Consider the evaluator’s question: “Which texts do you believe are most essential about the Essay, and why?” If one has not prepared E.E. or even I.A. with complete earnestness, such an issue can send anyone into the air.

I.B. Extended Essay Tutors’ word count recommendation

I.B. does not include the word count of the title page, content page, and bibliography in the total word count. Equations, formulas, calculations, graphic labels, and table headings are all disqualified. The appendix is not a part of the primary idea and therefore is not counted by I.B.

Before writing an extended essay, students should review and refer to various comprehensive reports available on the Internet or in another repository. We should make use of and milk the Internet. It takes a lot of effort to write an extensive essay, and we always respond with high ratings. Remember that a sincere attempt is always valuable.

And we trust that this brief reading has accomplished its goal. For any form of assistance, contact our I.B. Extended Essay Tutors. Our I.B. Home Tutors and Online I.B. Tutors are available to assist you.

Candidates writing an extended essay on a topic are expected to engage in a personal assessment of the issue and portray/convey the idea of investigation and final results through finely woven, clear, and concise writing talents. A sense of logical argument and analysis must permeate the entire article. Extended essays are used to evaluate a student’s ability to think critically and do significant research.

The student must communicate his analyses and findings to his supervisor during three mandatory reflection sessions. On the other hand, the extended Essay is examined after an examiner chosen by the I.B. submits it. A grade or band is assigned to a student that spans from superb to mediocre to elementary.

We’ll show you how to write an E.E. Essay on a Topic of Interest Mathematics Tutors with our I.B. Almost all essays have the same basic structure. I’ll use a mathematics essay as an example as an 18-year-old math tutor.

Select a topic that is both brief and specific. Objectivity should come across loud and clear on this topic. Using broad or general phrases is not a good idea. Select a topic that you are most familiar with or one that you enjoy. A supervisor should be knowledgeable about the math required to produce a successful result.

The subject could be engineering, physics, social science, or statistics, but it must incorporate mathematics. The extended essay should elaborate on the topic and reach the stated conclusion. High-quality, measurable outcomes are desired.

A student is asked to expand their knowledge base beyond what is included in the Diploma course’s mathematics curriculum to write the Essay. A long piece helps a candidate demonstrate his ability to comprehend and apply mathematics.

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