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For students pursuing a Diploma Program, writing one Extended Essay on a topic of their choice is a requirement. The extended essay is a self-guided research project with a word count of roughly 4000 words. A student may select a topic of personal interest from or linked to one of the six diploma subjects.

I.B. wants candidates writing an extended essay on a topic to participate in a personal examination of the subject and portray/convey the notion of investigation and final findings through finely woven, clear, and concise writing abilities. Throughout the article, a feeling of logical argument and analysis must predominate. Extended essays assess a student’s critical and extensive research ability.

During three mandatory reflection sessions, the student must report his analysis and findings to his supervisor. On the other hand, the extended essay is evaluated by an examiner selected by the I.B. after it is submitted. A pupil is given a grade or band that ranges from exceptional to mediocre to elementary.

With our I.B., we’ll show you how to compose a proper E.E. Essay on a Topic of Interest Mathematics Tutors. The fundamentals of practically all essays are the same. As an 18-year-old math tutor, I’ll use a mathematics essay as an example.

Choose a topic that is both concise and focused. On the subject, objectivity should come through loud and clear. It is not a good idea to use broad or general terms. Choose a topic with which you are most familiar, i.e., one that you enjoy. A supervisor should be familiar with the mathematics involved in achieving a successful output.

The topic could be engineering, physics, social science, or statistics, but it must include mathematics. The extended essay should expand on the issue and get to the conclusion stated. What is desired are high-quality, measurable outcomes.

A student is expected to enhance the knowledge base required for writing the essay beyond what is included in the Diploma course’s mathematics curriculum. A long piece allows a candidate to demonstrate his capacity to understand and practice mathematics.

Valid reasons and logic should be presented in the extended essay. It is necessary to expand on the approach used. The wording should be technical, consistent, and hold the reader’s attention until the end.

Relevant graphs, tables, and diagrams should be inserted into a text at appropriate locations to explain the issue and not disrupt the flow.

I.B. Extended Essay Tutors’ Advice

To develop properly, a lengthy essay needs time, patience, and consistency on the part of the student. As a result, a student must have a firm grasp of the subject and should begin reading and writing essays as soon as possible. Laziness or a late start will get you nowhere. Keep these words in mind. I.B. Extended Essay Tutors’ Topic Suggestions Now, I’d like to discuss some specific subjects on which you could build your extended essay or even your internal assessment.

The study of relationships is known as social network analysis. The association has numerous features, and social network analysis examines how it relates to social life. You’d get into issues like,

1. Community detection/overlapping communities, and so on.

2. Ego nodes, Centrality, and Finding a Key Player in the Network

Outliers, marketing, and referral/recommendation are three of the most important factors to consider.

Problems from the International Mathematical Olympiad can also be included in your chosen theme. The website has a wealth of intriguing topics in Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics. The solutions are also available on the website. However, you must consider and develop an independent answer. Any original problem can be examined, but it must be based on a sound mathematical foundation.

The Extended Essay’s Structure

The essay is divided into six sections or elements.

Page with the title

The title, research topic, and word count are all included. When the word count exceeds the set limit, it is considered harmful.

Page with content

The content page contains information about the essay’s part and subsection organization and page numbers.

A brief introduction

The environment section presents a summary of the study issue and the methods employed to arrive at a focused conclusion.

The essay’s main body

This is where a thorough investigation is offered, complete with arguments, analysis, calculations, and evaluation. It was suggested that this aspect be broken down into sections and subsections to describe the concept effectively. The body of the essay contains graphs, illustrations, and tables. This section must also offer a detailed description of the result and conclusion.

Final thoughts

The conclusion section should begin with a brief overview of how you got started, followed by a summary of the significant outcomes. It must be a sweet juice extracted from the pulp.


It is suggested that you prepare in stages. This entails developing the E.E. in phases, such as draft one, draft two, and so forth. Please write, either on paper or on a computer, and don’t leave anything in the air that won’t come true. Your writing work measures your capacity to write E.E. The title should be concise and clear, and it should provide information about the content to the reader. The title does not have to be in question form, but it should state the essay’s purpose.

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