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IB Ace Academy Tutor has IB tutors in Delhi that are well-trained, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work. They enjoy assisting their students and seek to inculcate in them a “passion of learning.” We provide IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi and IB online tutors for the IB DP, IB MYP, IGCSE, IB IA, TOK, SAT, and ACT. ONE-ON-ONE coaching is provided by our IB Tutors both online and in person.

Schedule a Free sample lesson with one of our IB instructors in Delhi if you dislike or are bored with your schoolteacher’s old-fashioned teaching techniques or if you dislike or are bored with how your school professors teach. There will be a substantial difference. Our IB teachers use the latest up-to-date tools, like videos, PowerPoint presentations, graphs, and images, to make the material engaging and easy to understand to obtain a seven on your exam.

Professors sometimes teach their subjects at such a fast pace those students find it challenging to keep up. You can also avoid dealing with a mountain of problems that you don’t comprehend. If you finish each topic as it is being taught in school, you will be best prepared for all class assessments.

If you’re worried that your schoolteacher won’t be able to complete the curriculum promptly,

It happens regularly. Teachers are unable to finish their courses promptly. This is a very alarming situation. It would be beneficial if you received support right away. Our Delhi IB Chemistry Tutors will help you complete your program ahead of schedule. You’ll be able to review your curriculum once more. To obtain a good grasp of your subjects, you can spend the remaining time to work on past papers and take Mock tests with your teachers.

If you’re worried about receiving a low grade on a particular topic, our IB tutors can help. They can assist you in better understanding the subject, spend more time with you, and finish your syllabus ahead of schedule. They’ll then ask you to write mock tests and have them graded in front of you. This will help you discover and correct your mistakes. Our Delhi IB Chemistry Tutors are all highly certified, knowledgeable, and experienced specialists who know how to help students improve their scores. So you don’t have to be concerned about your grades anymore.

Approaches to teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin. Throughout the Diploma Program, approaches to teaching and education relate to deliberate tactics, skills, and attitudes that pervade the teaching and learning environment. These methods and resources, which are inextricably linked to learner profile characteristics, help students study more effectively and prepare for the Diploma Program evaluation and beyond. The Diploma Program’s approaches to teaching and learning are designed to: empower teachers as both teachers of content and teachers of learners; empower teachers to develop more precise strategies for facilitating learning experiences in which students are more meaningfully engaged in structured inquiry and greater critical and creative thinking, and empower teachers to develop more accurate methods for reducing learning experiences in which students are more meaningfully involved in structured exploration and greater critical and creative thinking.

  • Promote both the goals of particular subjects (making them more than just course objectives) and the integration of previously disparate knowledge (concurrency of learning)
  • Please encourage students to develop a broad range of abilities that will enable them to stay actively involved in learning when they leave school and assist them in obtaining university entrance through improved grades and preparing for success in higher education and beyond.
  • Allow schools to recognize the unique characteristics of an IB Diploma Program education, with its balance of idealism and practicality, by enhancing the coherence and relevance of the students’ Diploma Program experience.
  • The fundamental values and principles that underpin IB pedagogy are represented by the five approaches to learning (developing thinking skills, social skills, communication skills, self-management skills, and research skills), as well as the six approaches to teaching (inquiry-based, conceptually focused, contextualized, collaborative, differentiated, and assessment-informed education).

The IB learner profile and the IB mission statement

The Diploma Program is created to help students gain the information, abilities, and attitudes they’ll need to achieve the IB’s goals, as stated in its mission statement and learner profile. The Diploma Program’s teaching and learning reflect the organization’s educational philosophy in daily practice.

Testing should be carried out regularly and with precision.

All of our IB tutors are put through three levels of testing. They begin by giving a chapter-end exam to determine whether or not the students have mastered the information. They take the Unit test after finishing three chapters. There will be a half-syllabus test and a full-syllabus mock test after that. These tests allow you to go over everything again and get a perfect score on your exam.

Prompt feedback

All stakeholders receive timely feedback to be fully informed about their ward’s performance and, if necessary, take appropriate corrective action.

Guaranteed service

Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi provide dependable service by giving on-time instruction courses, administering effective testing, and offering timely feedback. IB Tutors in Delhi are affordable.

Reasonable cost

We offer the most affordable online and in-person tutoring available. You get the best service for the lowest price.

The schools in Delhi under IB

American Embassy School, Chanakyapuri

The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar

The British School, Chanakyapuri

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