With the primary goal of supporting International Baccalaureate students worldwide, IB Ace academy Tutor was established in 2010. We provide bright, certified, trained, and highly experienced IB teachers for all six IB groups and all major IB courses across the curriculum.

Here are a few of the distinguishing characteristics of our IB Chemistry Tutors.

1. We always complete our curriculum far in advance of the final exam date.

2. The additional time allows us to make extensive revisions without compromising the timeline for completion.

3. The highest level of integrity and on-time delivery is applied to all of our services.

4. Our lecturers assign tests for each chapter, unit, half-syllabus, and full-syllabus that students complete over the semester.

5. We provide timely feedback to parents and ensure that they are sufficiently involved.

6. Our IB Chemistry experts are available to assist students via email or WhatsApp at test time. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

7. Tutors for the International Baccalaureate in Chemistry Provide Seven Tips

Make an informed decision between HL, SL, and Options under the supervision of IB Chemistry Tutors.

Higher-level chemistry is significantly more sophisticated and detailed than lower-level chemistry. Our tutors can easily cover the complete St. Chemistry core curriculum in a year. Subjects in higher levels of learning are more diversified and cognitively challenging. 7s were awarded to only 14 percent of sophomore and junior high school Chemistry students, and only 26 percent of high school Chemistry students received a 7. 

Knowledge of the Theory is quite good.

The IB Chemistry Tutors propose that students first get a comprehensive theoretical understanding of each chapter and idea before answering any questions. Children will continue to make the same mistakes if this is not addressed. It is recommended that you attend your IB Chemistry Tutors’ lessons during your tuition or during your online IB tutoring sessions to prepare your theory. Your theoretical knowledge will not only aid you in comprehending but will also aid you in tackling the challenges you will be confronted with.

Every point on the syllabus has been discussed in detail.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) can only analyze material that is included in the curriculum. If you have a deep comprehension of your subject matter, there will be nothing on the exam that will surprise you on the first try. You should print your syllabus on one side only and post it near your study table on a notice board that is easily seen. Make a mark on your printed syllabus sheet to indicate that you have completed a topic or unit.

Problems are being reverse engineered.

It would be beneficial to have a thorough understanding of the curriculum once you’d finished reading it. There will still be some things that you don’t understand, but this should not be a source of concern for you. You might come across a couple of questions that you are unable to answer. The marking scheme, on the other hand, can assist you in comprehending their solutions more thoroughly. If this is the case, you should review the curriculum once more. 

Deliver what has been requested with as much care as possible.

Many people, including you, your teacher, the author of the textbook, the writer of the exam, and the marker, contribute to the interpretation of the syllabus. The exam writer and the exam marker are the two most significant people involved with the exam. When reviewing the marking scheme, it would be beneficial to do so numerous times. Examine it and, like the marker and the writer, personalize your thoughts by adding your spin on it. You must be aware of the information that will be requested of you during the exam and supply it. If you write responses to previous marking systems, you will give without fear of failure.

Chemistry HL Exam Papers from the Previous Year

We propose that you finish at least five complete previous year papers in the period provided to you by our chemistry coaching experts. It has a significant impact on your ability to solve reports from earlier years in IB Chemistry. When the IB administers its test, it offers a variety of rather interesting questions. If you ask enough questions, you will eventually be able to figure out the pattern. As a result of this, your theoretical comprehension will be enhanced to a new degree of effectiveness. Generally speaking, you’ll lower your chances of being surprised during the final exam. If possible, it is ideal for resolving all of IB’s ambiguity before the final Frontier is launched.

Put Yourself in Charge of Your Life

With the assistance of our IB Chemistry Tutors, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on self-study, but no IB tutor can eliminate it. A requirement for success in IB Chemistry HL is the ability to communicate effectively. To ensure that nothing is left out of your course syllabus, combine all of your materials, including the textbook and notes from IB Chemistry Tutors, past papers, and internet study material. Please make full use of all available resources to achieve your goal, no matter how difficult the task may seem.