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IB Ace Academy Tutor hires only the most competent, experienced, and well-trained IB Biology tutors who are passionate about assisting their students. Our IB tutors employ the most up-to-date technologies, such as videos, software, short notes, and other resources to help their students achieve a 7 in IB Biology HL. Our IB biology instructors share a few pointers on how to earn a 7 in Biology HL.

Utilize all available resources to the fullest extent possible.

Our IB Biology Tutors recommend consulting at least two to three years’ worth of question banks. Because they feature hundreds of exam-style questions, question banks are handy resources. There are multiple-choice questions, data-driven questions, and extended response practice questions to choose from, expanding the breadth of resources available. The more questions you ask, the better your comprehension will get.

Reread the textbook several times.

The textbook is you’re most significant and primary resource. It gives all the necessary facts for a thorough grasp of a subject. As a result, it is critical to read them thoroughly several times. Our IB Biology Tutors recommended the Oxford 18 textbook, which features annotated diagrams and end-of-chapter questions for exam preparation. Reading it will provide you with concrete conceptual comprehension, which will assist you in achieving a 7 in 1B Biology H.

Concentrate on mastering command terminology.

Our IB Biology Tutors help students concentrate on a few essential terms. These phrases can have a significant impact on your marks. These phrases have the potential to change your grade from a high 6 to a low 7.

Here are a few terms to get you started:

  • Examine XYZ-Analyze extensively, noting both its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Describe XYZ in your own words. Give a few XYZ features.
  • Describe XYZ. Provide all plausible explanations for XYZ.
  • Define the term XYZ. Give the XYZ definition. It is preferable to write reports from a book or previous papers’ marking schemes.
  • XYZ is the label. Show the features on an XYZ diagram without the arrowheads.
  • Make a list of all the points you want to remember for the Extended Response Questions.
  • Our IB Biology Tutors assist their students in taking detailed notes that incorporate all pertinent elements.

As part of their extended answer practice, students should compile them. This can be accomplished by using past papers and comparing your responses to the marking scheme. If there is any material that you have left out, incorporate it and learn accordingly. These sum up to a total of 20 points, plus an extra two points for your work’s language (BONUS). In the evaluation of such questions, there is no additional advice. It is solely dependent on memorization and comprehension.

With the help of IB Biology Tutors, you can write tests and work on past assignments.

Our online IB tutors complete the Chapter-end test at the end of each chapter, followed by unit tests when three chapters have been completed. Unit tests, on the other hand, assist you in revising your curriculum. This two-test technique not only reinforces your learning but also helps you remember the material. You must write an exam for half of your syllabus after you have completed it. After you’ve finished the entire course, you should start working on previous IB papers. Every student should solve at least five IB Biology previous papers, according to our IB Biology tutors.

Reverse Engineering the Problems

It would help if you had a good comprehension of the syllabus once you’ve gone through it. There will still be some things you don’t comprehend, but that shouldn’t cause concern. You might come across a few queries that you can’t answer. The marking scheme, on the other hand, can help you comprehend their solutions. If not, you should go over the syllabus again. Consider the key and try to reverse engineer it using the marking system as a guide. Look for unanswered questions that are comparable to yours and solve them on your own. Just by glancing at the question, you should be able to figure out what’s going on. Please get in the habit of becoming less and less reliant on the marking scheme.

Make every effort to deliver what is requested.

The syllabus is interpreted by many people, including you, your teacher, the textbook author, the exam writer, and the marker. In the end, the exam writer and the exam marker are the two most important people. It would help if you went over the marking scheme several times. Examine it and, like the marker and the writer, personalize your thoughts. You must know what is required of you in the exam and be able to provide it. Your delivery will be risk-free if you write responses from earlier marking schemes.

Past Year Papers in Biology HL

Our tutoring team recommends completing at least five complete previous year papers in the time allotted for Biology. Your ability to solve past year’s papers will determine how well you do in IB Biology. The questions that the IB often asks in its test are pretty diverse. You will be able to understand the pattern if you ask enough questions. Your theoretical understanding will gain a new level of power as a result of this. Overall, you’ll reduce your odds of being startled at the final exam. It’s preferable to deal with all of IB’s ambiguity before the last Frontier begins.

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