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Those that work for IB Ace Academy Tutor are the most qualified, experienced, and well-trained IB Biology tutors in the industry, and they are enthusiastic about assisting students. When it comes to IB Biology HL, our IB instructors use the most up-to-date technologies, such as videos, software, short notes, and other resources, to assist their students in earning a seven on the exam. A few ideas from our IB biology lecturers on obtaining a 7 in Biology HL are shared here.

Ensure that you make use of all accessible resources to the greatest extent possible.

Our IB Biology Tutors recommend that you check question banks at least two to three years old before deciding. Question banks are handy tools since they provide hundreds of exam-style questions in a convenient format. You can choose from multiple-choice questions, data-driven questions, and extended response practice questions, which expands the range of resources that are now available. With each new question you pose, your understanding will grow more solid and complete.

The textbook should be read multiple times.

The textbook is the most fundamental resource you have at your disposal. It provides all of the information essential to gain a complete understanding of a subject. As a result, it is vital that you thoroughly read them multiple times before proceeding. Our IB Biology Tutors recommended the Oxford 18 textbook, which offers annotated diagrams and end-of-chapter questions for exam preparation. Reading it will help you gain concrete conceptual comprehension, which will help you achieve a 7 in 1B Biology H.

Concentrate on becoming familiar with command terminology.

Our IB Biology Tutors assist students in narrowing their focus to a few key concepts. These phrases have the potential to have a significant impact on your grade. It is possible that these sentences can lower your rating from a high 6 to a low 7.

To get you started, here are a few terms to know:

Conduct a thorough examination of XYZ-Analyze, taking note of both its pros and disadvantages.

Write a description of XYZ in your own words. Provide a few XYZ characteristics.

Describe XYZ in detail. Fill in the blanks with all reasonable explanations for XYZ.

Specify what the phrase XYZ means. Please provide the XYZ definition. It is advisable to write reports using a book or from previous papers’ marking schemes rather than from scratch each time.

XYZ is the name of the label. Draw the features on an XYZ diagram without using arrowheads to indicate their locations.

Organize your thoughts and make a list of everything you want to keep in mind for the Extended Response Questions.

Our IB Biology Tutors guide their students through the process of taking detailed notes that include all relevant information.

It is possible to write tests and complete previous assignments with the assistance of IB Biology Tutors.

Each chapter ends with a chapter-end test, followed by unit tests once our online IB tutoring staff has completed three chapters. On the other hand, unit tests might be used to assist you in adjusting your educational program. It is via the use of two examinations that you may reinforce your learning and improve your memory of the content. After completing half of your curriculum, you must write an exam on the material covered in that half. After you’ve completed the course in its entirety, you should begin working on earlier IB assignments. According to our IB Biology teachers, it is recommended that every student complete at least five IB Biology prior papers.

Problems are being reverse engineered.

It would be beneficial to have a thorough understanding of the curriculum once you’d finished reading it. There will still be some things that you don’t understand, but this should not be a source of concern for you. You might come across a couple of questions that you are unable to answer. The marking scheme, on the other hand, can assist you in comprehending their solutions more thoroughly. If this is the case, you should review the curriculum once more. Take a look at the key and see if you can reverse engineer it using the marking system as a reference. Look for questions that haven’t been solved yet similar to yours and try to solve them for you. You should be able to figure out what’s going on just by taking a glance over the query. We encourage you to get into the habit of being less and less reliant on the marking scheme as time passes.

Deliver what has been requested with as much care as possible.

Many people, including you, your teacher, the author of the textbook, the writer of the exam, and the marker, contribute to the interpretation of the syllabus. The exam writer and the exam marker are the two most significant people involved with the exam. When reviewing the marking scheme, it would be beneficial to do so numerous times. 

Papers from the previous year in Biology HL

During the period given for Biology, our tutoring staffs recommend that students finish at least five complete previous year papers. The ability to solve last year’s papers will affect how well you perform in IB Biology in the future. When the IB administers its test, it offers a variety of rather interesting questions. If you ask enough questions, you will eventually be able to figure out the pattern. 

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