Founded at the end of the 1960s, the IB is a global educational foundation dedicated to advancing knowledge. The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is meant for students aged 15 to 18 years, whereas the IB Middle Year Programme is developed for students aged 11 to 14 years. The IB Primary Year Program, on the other hand, is intended for children aged three to twelve. With the assistance of top-notch school professors, we provide IB Online Tuition. All of our IB educators are highly certified, experienced, and trained professionals.

IB Ace Academy offers its students a variety of enjoyable and innovative online learning options. We provide IB Online tuition for the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program, and the Diploma Program, among other programs. Our IB teachers have a wealth of knowledge and can assist you at every level.

IB students in most of the main cities across the world can benefit from the services of IB Ace Academy Classes, which provides well-experienced and trained IB tutors. To prepare pupils for the Cambridge international examinations, we provide qualified IGCSE tutors. In addition, IB Ace Academy Classes offers IB home tutoring in several cities throughout India, with the understanding that every student is essential to us and that each student’s learning and comprehension abilities cannot be the same.

Exceptional instructors

  • Every IB student considers us to be their second home.

We’ve put together the most experienced group of IB tutors. From IB alumni to teachers and Examiners, every student can find their ideal match for IB success.

  • Proposals made on a personal level

We don’t just connect you with the first tutor we come across. Every student receives a personalized proposal that takes their particular requirements into mind.

IB tutors who are exceptional

  • Because we are the only service that concentrates solely on the IB, you can rest confident that your tutor is well-versed in the curriculum.
  • Powerful internet technologies enable you to learn from the comfort of your own home or any other location.
  • To ensure that every online lesson transmits its IB knowledge and experience, we provide instructors with the necessary knowledge, training, and materials.

Collaboration and sharing are encouraged.

Edit, sketch, plot, and share in real-time with your instructor, and discover the power of online tuition to bring the classroom right to your laptop or desktop computer!

Examine and Evaluate Progress

Review previous session content and receive feedback from your tutor to keep track of your improvement and progress until your exams.

A team that is at the top of its game worldwide

The IB is the reason that every tutor we approve to support our students must be at least a graduate of the IB Ace Academy, and the sense that, as a combination of our expert in-house staff and our team of expert freelance tutors, we consider ourselves to be the world’s leading team of educators in the IB worldwide.

We require that all of our tutors have extensive tutoring experience and outstanding testimonials from former students to work with us. While all of the tutors we work with have a history of academic excellence, the exceptional tutor quality that we work with is derived from their passion as IB Ace Academy educators and advocates. All of the tutors we deal with are engaging, inspirational, and enthusiastic. They can express to each student the excitement and novelty of the IB Ace Academy program.

After the initial interview, we maintain in touch with the tutors we work with regularly, keeping them informed of their latest accomplishments and successes. If a student contacts us, we can match them with the most appropriate teacher to help them succeed.

  • Consultation at the Outset

We don’t allow any tutor to assist any student without our approval. We meet with each family individually to determine their specific requirements, whether special educational considerations or linguistic requirements.

  • Proposals for Tutors

We recommend tutors to you after considering your requirements, learning style, location, and language requirements, among other factors. If you’ve identified a tutor you’d like to meet, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a meeting.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Progress

Once you’ve been introduced to your tutor, we’ll continue to invite you and your tutor to inform us of your progress, ensuring that your teacher is appropriately suited to your needs and providing assistance where we can where necessary.

  • Just the person you’ve been looking for

The tutors with whom we collaborate are experts in the IB, and every lesson with a tutor with whom we collaborate is a lesson with an expert in the IB.

  • It is one’s own experience that counts.

Before considering a candidate’s suitability, we conduct an in-depth interview with them and require excellent references that attest to their character and previous work experience.

  • Government checked

The Enhanced DBS Certificate is held by every face-to-face tutor with whom we work, providing you with peace of mind when they arrive at your door for their first lesson.

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